If you are looking to build a custom dashboard, you might want to check these 5 affiliate dashboards that help you track affiliate sales. In this article, I’ll walk you through the most common questions about affiliate conversion tracking. Whether you’re a small business getting started on your data journey or a global enterprise working with business-critical data, Supermetrics offers plans that meet all needs. The length of the conversion window also depends on how far a customer has gone through the affiliate funnel.

How does affiliate tracking software work

It depends on the commission model and role affiliates play in the company’s marketing strategy. And if you’re an affiliate, now you know what question to ask from affiliate program managers. A common cookie type used in affiliate marketing is a first-party cookie. And that’s what allows affiliate programs to identify the publisher and attribute the agreed commission amount. With the power of tracking software integrated into your affiliate dashboard, you can quickly see what works best for converting your website visitors.

When you start doing your research you’ll find there’s a lot of affiliate marketing software out there. However, the key to increasing your finances isn’t only employing an affiliate marketer but also constant performance monitoring. Advertisers must be apt and learn how to create more room for improvement with affiliate marketing, and for that reason, they need accurate tracking rapport. In a nutshell, affiliate marketing is the current revenue booster and trending online business strategy. It’s versatile, meaning it’s a good option for small and big online businesses, regardless of the type.

How to choose the best affiliate management software?

Tune has useful features for mobile marketing, which is essential in today’s mobile-centric digital world. Its mobile marketing capabilities and mobile attribution SDK allow you to set up and monitor mobile-specific campaigns. If your business is heavily focused on mobile marketing, it might be the one for you. By INGENIUXIngeniux CMS is a modern web content and digital experience affiliate marketing tracking management management platform. Its agile content management approach supports the delivery of content to websites, online communities, mobile apps, web applications, intranets and extranets, and more…. Even though some premium affiliate software solutions listed may seem a bit expensive, be sure to weigh the pros and cons of the different pricing plans before making a final decision.

The recent search engine algorithms are advising to use hash URLs to improve ranks and the software can do that for you with ease. It creates contents for your referral programs to draw more affiliates thereby increasing your business directly. CJ Affiliate offers access to hundreds of markets and brands on one platform. It provides a customizable dashboard and a variety of reports and specialized tools.

Development and training of affiliates

Pay close attention to how affiliate conversions are tracked within the affiliate program you decide to join. Simply looking at a number of conversions won’t give you much information about your actual performance. Conversion rate provides valuable insights into the quality of your marketing campaigns. Given that marketing activities cost time and money, it’s no surprise that businesses are keen on measuring their results.

The ecosystem is designed to reduce marketing efforts while driving revenue. Affise also ensures transparency and reliability on user data with its ePrivacyseal and SOC 2 Type II certification. Learn how to streamline the entire affiliate management process using affiliate software.

Although affiliate marketing may bring people with the same interests together, its primary goal is to provide monetary value to merchants and affiliates. That’s why affiliate software is also required to prevent fraud and provide security and privacy for all parties. Affiliate software also generates reports based on data presented in user interfaces and can also create a comparison report of different campaigns, affiliates, and banners.

How does affiliate tracking software work

In case, the software needs the additional support of developer or any third party software , it is better to cut it loose from your list. Otherwise, every time you want to make some small changes in campaigns, you have to look for the helping hands to get the job done. Affise features an intuitive and highly customizable dashboard and is a great choice for agencies that manage multiple affiliate networks on an Enterprise level.

  • While affiliate tracking is a key component of any affiliate tracking software, it is usually closely tied to conversion attribution models such as «first click» or «last click» attribution.
  • An example could be that users click out from the web browser on a mobile and then are automatically redirected to the merchant’s app.
  • Luckily, using the right affiliate management software will make it easy.
  • Automatically track and integrate all your affiliate sales and lead data in Google Analytics and start to see the real performance of channels, traffic sources, landing pages and content.
  • The affiliate program software can certainly help anyone to set up and manage multiple campaigns under a single time frame to boost their customer base.

There are also reports of affiliates not being able to reach customer support directly. The best affiliate management software for your business will depend on whether you are a SAAS, eCommerce of digital product business. Some have unique features, such as an ability to track earnings per click or create sub-IDs to track how different pages or marketing campaigns are converting. All of the software we review have varying levels of support, which does tend to correlate to the market they are targeting and price point. In general, they all offer integration with your website, CRM, or email marketing software. Still, you will need to ensure that your existing marketing stack can integrate fully with your new affiliate software.