The third profile in our list is the one that is closest to a manager of a physical store. The Handler is the person who knows the promotion channels very well, and understands the necessary techniques to make sales, but whose strongest attribute is dealing with people. This kind of manager is the one who understands what is needed to motivate the Affiliates to make them achieve better results. It is as if the Affiliate Manager actually sold the affiliation and tried to make people keep wanting to affiliate to a product. The role is then to remind Affiliates of the products they are affiliated to, and sell more and more. The affiliate network you have chosen to go with is more than likely the essential hub of your program.

Their consultative and data-driven approach means that you benefit from the best in the industry without having to pay a full-time salary. In-house affiliate managers don’t have the industry connections that outsourced agencies and specialists have. Working with an affiliate manager eliminates this risk because these experts know which data to track and measure for affiliate cost vs. revenue. They also know how to manage your resources, marketing materials, and affiliate recruitment and engagement to maximize your earnings. But with the help of an affiliate manager, businesses can rely on results-driven strategies and affiliate marketing tactics proven to work.

In that context, a basic knowledge of the digital landscape is one of the skills an affiliate manager has. Without an affiliate manager, most affiliate programs drift, rudderless, and fail to meet the expectations set forth by their respective brands. It’s important for businesses to invest in competent affiliate program management, complete with cutting-edge affiliate channel tools like LeadDyno. An affiliate management program can be set up in-house or can be outsourced.

«People are prepared to put the resources behind it internally as well because of the results it drives,» explains Cooper. «It’s not uncommon for us to generate more than 20 per cent in online sales, so they can justify putting extra resources into their affiliate programme.» Our affiliate marketing experts have years of experience which means they can also apply best practices to your program and give you the edge over competitors.

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Each step in this process will take efficiency; some steps are more time consuming than others. At the very least, you’ll want to find a casino affiliate program whose managers have good reputations and are responsive to their affiliate partners . After all, affiliate managers are the face of the casino, and likely the only person at the casino that most affiliates will ever have contact with. But when a payment is delayed, or there’s a technical issue to be resolved, the casino affiliate manager is one of the best friends an affiliate can have. This is why most leading brands and businesses partner with an affiliate management agency to oversee and manage the day-to-day needs of their affiliate program.

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The percentage of your total sales are generated by your affiliates. The acceptance of remote work has the demand for performance marketers at an all-time high. Although I would say that you get what you pay for in terms of the salary range you quoted. We are performance marketers so incentives are great when it comes to compensation packages. If you want to learn more about the Affiliate world and get inspired, check out our free ebookwith the success stories of three Affiliates who started from scratch and managed to turn their lives around.

However, not all the influencers you reach out to are affiliate marketing pros. Some may have experience, but perhaps your campaign uses different processes, making it imperative for them to learn how to become an affiliate for your brand. 62% of smartphone users have purchased at least once on mobile, brands must use cross-device tracking so that it is possible to identify an affiliate’s web traffic even when a user has switch devices. Cross-device tracking is something to highlight to potential affiliates when you’re recruiting, as it makes your program more desirable to them. 84% of brandswork with influencers for affiliate marketing because influencers have high followings and loads of organic traffic to their social media channels.

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It will also likely be the lowest CPA of all your marketing channels . As brands investigate the best ways to «go global,» they are realizing that different affiliate networks, platforms, affiliates and marketing agencies have different expertise in different markets. Joining an affiliate program is a rewarding experience if you pick a partner who helps you achieve your goals while also doing the same for them and the brands they represent. Affiliate managers are more important than you think and choosing the right one is arguably as crucial as picking your commission structure. In addition to helping you where possible, affiliate managers must have good communication skills. Their responses should be prompt, though you shouldn’t expect them to answer if they’re on holiday or their working hours have finished.

It also ensures that your affiliate manager know your product and brand well enough to craft tailored affiliate campaigns. Good affiliate managers know the value of providing top-notch customer service and going the extra mile to see their partners become successful. Recruiting an affiliate manager in-house or through an OPM agency , should be the same. That means they are knowledgeable of your product or service and are able to identify key audiences that your brand appeals to. Once you connect, negotiate with the partner to figure out how you can trade more commissions for more exposure.

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Strong managers stay on top of every aspect of the affiliate program that they can control to keep this marketing channel growing and the leads flowing. The bottom line is that an affiliate manager will help you generate more revenue from your affiliate program. If the plan is to manage your program yourself or have one of your employees do it, make sure to get the right training. There are so many facets of the role that need to be mastered, so a good teacher/mentor is essential.

It’s vital to take a cutthroat approach to finding an affiliate manager. You want a professional that’s made a significant difference to businesses and has a track record of ideas and strategies that have worked. Businesses like those in the finance sector must also adhere to strict marketing guidelines. You could have to stick to rigid advertising rules based on your location. For example, perhaps calling your brand the best is against the advertising rules in your niche or country. Your affiliates must know this to ensure they don’t put themselves and your brand in hot water.

We explored affiliate engagement and briefly looked at communicating with affiliates. Affiliate communication is a crucial aspect of campaigns that drive results. Your affiliate manager will create an entire communication strategy to engage with affiliates and keep them connected to your brand. Unfortunately, not all the affiliates you onboard will contribute to your business.

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Part of affiliate marketing is taking what’s currently popular and using that information to your company’s advantage. Our affiliate marketing team always does extensive research on the newest insights and patterns that’ll help each of our clients get ahead of the competition. One way we keep up the quality of our successful management is by attending select industry events. We integrate much of what we learn into our general affiliate marketing program. As a result, you might get different results from our company compared to others, like Kayan Solutions.

  • It takes finesse to help an affiliate partner promote your product over competitors, and every conversation is unique.
  • Affiliate managers are more important than you think and choosing the right one is arguably as crucial as picking your commission structure.
  • The code, already set up in the US, is a set of ethical guidelines, which aim to stamp out unethical behaviour by affiliates.
  • If the plan is to manage your program yourself or have one of your employees do it, make sure to get the right training.
  • Her role as affiliate manager therefore has to encompass other forms of marketing.
  • Agencies and freelancers lack internal knowledge about your processes, products, and brand.

Brainstorming improvements and best practices to maximize performance. The exact figure varies according to years of experience, location, and industry. Access to advanced tools and systems that the agency has invested in. The success stories of three Affiliates who started from scratch and managed to turn their lives around.

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However, implementing the strategies learned while it is fresh in your head is strongly suggested. We created P2P to provide free resources to brands that believe in the power of peers to promote their service or products. An affiliate manager is a professional that handles affiliate publishers on behalf of the advertiser. Affiliate managers have the experience to find the best affiliates for your brand, manage publisher commissions and engage and retain affiliates. Read this article for the best tips on hiring an affiliate manager and how much they earn in 2023. Agencies and freelancers have extensive databases of publishers, affiliate networks, and content monetization platforms to connect with affiliates.

As such, your affiliate manager should be checking publisher approvals daily and vetting any site that wants to promote your brand. Most, if not all of these affiliate partners will be housed through a traditional affiliate network or a white-label option. In addition to switching up your job search, it might prove helpful to look at a career path for your specific job.

Global expansions of affiliate programs have been increasing over the past few years. Most brands and companies are now seeing how globalizing their activities and coordinating their marketing efforts as a necessity in today’s marketplace. Hiring an in-house affiliate manager means finding and hiring a new employee, or investing in the training needed to upskill an existing one. It also means investing in the affiliate management tools you’ll need to run the affiliate program in-house. These professionals have most likely dealt with loads of affiliate marketing programs before. It’s also easier for these professionals to suggest new ideas because they can view your business from an outside perspective.

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Ultimately we offer performance marketing to align with your businesses marketing and management model. Since 2012, we have continue to rise above digital marketing industry standards and established over 2,2000 successful partnerships within our entire affiliate network. A person who wants to work as an affiliate manager usually needs to be good at recruiting and selling. The manager must sell the affiliate program to potential affiliates and persuade them to put in the time and effort required to market the product or service. Part of the process entails evaluating the skills and backgrounds of potential affiliates to see if they have the potential to succeed. Affiliate managers attract, engage and retain affiliates, manage active vs. inactive affiliates, set and measure affiliate marketing goals and provide affiliate training.

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Sometimes affiliates find your program naturally through the network or on a search for a new niche, but most of the good affiliates will need to be found and convinced to join. Make sure you are using the best affiliate manager tools to find affiliates. Affiliate managers must present their program to the potential affiliate partner and win them over. I have found it helpful to send media kits and one-sheeters about the program, offer up incentives to join and drive volume and ask engaging questions. Small business owners need all the help they can get when launching their businesses and in the world of casino affiliate marketing, the affiliate manager is one of the most helpful folks you’ll meet.

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Here are your options.Hire an in-house affiliate manager with experience. Others, however, want to keep their focus on the content they create and leave the promotion part of the business to the Affiliates. In some cases, this may represent 70% or more in the sales volume of a digital product. This activity affiliate management system in the background will ensure the smooth running of your affiliate program to keep your partners happy. It is incredibly important to continually measure the success of your affiliate program. Typically these are against internal company KPI’s and will require daily, weekly or monthly reports.