Writings from Darius the Great record findings of flatbreads that are topped with dates and cheese, which is possibly the earliest mention of something like pizza. Matching upper https://cryptolisting.org/ and lower case letters in the form of a poster board pizza with a missing slice. In addition, we have given some tips for the observance which you can see in all the topics.

Every city and town has many choices as well when it comes to this fabulous dish. Lombardi’s on Spring Street in New York City is issued a mercantile license for baking pizza. This is the first official pizzeria license in the United States.

Another best thing about pizza is that it is easy to make! This hasn’t stopped people from hitting their nearest pizzeria for their favorite pizza or some frozen ones. If you want a little more than, say a free taco, we also have you covered with a long list of meals you can get at fast food chains under $5.


And 1905 was the year that Lombardi’s was granted the first mercantile license to make pizza issued in the United States. For those who want to taste that first real pizza to hit American shores, head over to Little Italy in Manhattan and check them out. I love creating websites from scratch and doing SEO. Observe the day by gaining more knowledge about pizza and its humble origins. You could read history books on pizza or watch documentaries on the same.

In the queen’s honor, he named it Pizza Margherita and topped the pizza with tomatoes, basil, and mozzarella. Admit it, you still remember those grade school pizza parties with a certain sense of child-like glee. Whether it’s the red, white and green of a classic margherita pizza or the sparkle of perfectly cooked pepperoni, pizza adds something extra special, wherever you are.


My favorite part about national pizza day is that it includes every type of pizza you can imagine. However, it wasn’t until after World War II that pizza exploded in the United States, becoming one of the most popular and favorite foods in America. Soldiers that had fought the war in Italy developed a taste for the dish, and Italian-Americans began spreading across the country, from cities to suburbs. Pizza boomed in the United States, and was now seen as a fun and delicious food, and no longer an «ethnic» treat. Funnily enough, pizza only became Italy’s national food after it rose to popularity in America. In 1889, the King and Queen of Italy visited Naples and, tired of eating bland French food, sent for an assortment of pizzas from Pizzeria Brandi.

On May 18, Hanyecz announced on a forum called Bitcointalk.org that he was looking to buy pizza – preferably two large ones – using bitcoin. He offered 10,000 BTC to anyone who would be willing to order, collect and bring them to him. Someone pointed out that he could get $41 for those bitcoins on a certain exchange website, which priced BTC at less than half a cent per coin. Prior to the first bitcoin halving in 2012, each successful miner was rewarded with 50 BTC for discovering a new block. In May, 2010 Laszlo Hanyecz set out to buy two large pizzas with bitcoin.

What is really surprising is the fact that pizza, the real and original one as we know it today, was first made in the 18th century. It includes a multitude of toppings from anchovies and pineapple to sausage and bacon. The interplay of cheese to sauce to crust creates an almost addictive food bomb of different aromas, textures and flavors. That’s how many slices of pizza are sold in the U.S. every second.

Technically an independent kingdom, it was notorious for its throngs of working poor, or lazzaroni. These Neapolitans required inexpensive food that could be consumed quickly. Pizza — flatbreads with toppings that can be eaten for every meal — fulfilled this need. These early pizzas featured what is miraqle tasty toppings such as tomatoes, cheese, oil, anchovies, and garlic. More well off Italian authors judged Naples’ innovation, often calling their eating habits disgusting. Drive around any American city and it will not be difficult to find a pizza place on almost every corner.

Over 17% of restaurants are pizzerias or serve pizza. More pizzas are sold on Super Bowl Sunday, than any other day of the year. To enjoy this day to the fullest, you need to make homemade pizza and have pizza for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and as a snack. Needless to say, those same bitcoins appreciated in value fairly steeply over the following decade. These two deals will be available at all three New York City locations as well as the newest Zazzy’s location in Miami.

National Pizza Day Timeline

Its highly appealing nature allows you to order pizzas for any occasion. The pizza day also brings back the nostalgia of all the pizza memories you hold dear! Whether it’s a slice of classic Margherita pizza or the perfectly cooked pepperoni, pizza doesn’t fail to make the moment extra special. Not that you ever need a specific day of the year to eat pizza, but having a national day doesn’t hurt. When February 9th rolls around, be sure to stop by your local pizzeria for your favorite pie or branch out and try something new to celebrate this fantastic national day. Whether you’re a fan of classic cheese or pepperoni pizzas, deep-dish, a white pie, or something else, it’s safe to assume pizza is a universally loved food.

This offer is valid for online and app orders only. This took social media by storm, and it went on a rampage against the president’s statements. During the nineteenth century, Italian immigrants began to bring this dish home to the United States.

This always comes with a variety of vegetables, courgettes, peppers and aubergines are very common. The most expensive pizza in the world was sold for $3 million dollars on eBay. The president could not hide his declared «hatred» of Hawaiian pizzas with the students, and faced the consequences. All text and image content copyrighted by HolidaysCalendar.com.

It features some of the most lavish ingredients , such as grains of pink Australian sea-salt from the Murray River, lobster from Norway, and even three different types of caviar. 350 slices of pizza are eaten every second in the United States. However, surprisingly, the country with the highest consumption of pizza in the world per capita is Norway. Local news programs often pay homage to National Pizza Day by including media spots where pizzas are made or featured.

  • In 2020, National Pizza Day was celebrated on Sunday, February 9.
  • Immigrants from Naples brought over their pizzas, first to New York, then gradually to other cities such as Boston, Chicago and St. Louis.
  • Take advantage of it and order some takeaway pizza.
  • They enjoyed it so much that the popularity of pizza rose all around Italy.
  • The world’s most expensive pizza named ‘Louis XIII,’ is prepared by Chef Renato Viola at this gourmet pizzeria in Italy.

There is no information about who or when National Pizza Day was created, but like many food holidays it probably naturally originated from its popularity. However, the history of pizza and how it arrived in the United States is extensively recorded. Pizza pies are very versatile, with a huge assortment of things you can put on them, including meats, vegetables, and fruits. With all this variety, there is a pizza for just about everybody. Pizza is eaten for breakfast , lunch, dinner, and as a late-night snack. It is a very popular food for parties and events.

Everywhere You Can Get Cheap Pizza for National Pepperoni Pizza Day

In ancient times, people in Rome, Egypt and Greece would eat flatbreads with different toppings on them. At that time, the flatbreads resembled modern focaccia more than pizza, but the origins of pizza can be traced all the way back to those flatbreads. Our research did not find the creator or the origin of this day. This is typical of so many food-related holidays. My Ledo Rewards club members will receive a free 8-inch cheese pizza with any purchase over $10.

Learn Fun Facts About Pizza

You’re going to find deals from places like Domino’s, Marco’s Pizza, and Hungry Howie’s. That many deals looks appealing all piled up, but it’s pizza and there’s only so much you can eat in a day. So, we’ve pulled together all the best deals for National Pepperoni Pizza Day to make sure that you can track down the best deal for you. There are literally thousands of daily holidays, special events, and observances, more than one for every day of the year. People and organizations are creating new holidays regularly. Consequently, at Holiday Insights, we take great efforts to thoroughly research and document the details of each one, as completely and accurately as possible.

You can get more information with respect to history, observance, reason, about the day and other interesting facts of all the National Days. Pizzerias constitute 17% of all the restaurants in the U.S. Papa Johns has a few promotions for National Pizza Day. The chain’s new NY Style pizza is available for $13 for a one-topping pizza through March 13. The following are available at participating locations nationwide Wednesday. Interestingly, requests for a dairy-free pizza grew a whopping 333% in 2021 and pineapple pizza gained popularity by 76%.